Elaha Sorur to rock Europe

Elaha Sorur in Delhi 2011, (photo courtesy of Elaha Sorur)

Elaha Sorur is going to rock Europe on June 4, 2011. She will perform in Copenhagen and possibly other European cities as well. The 22 year old Afghan singer became  a national sensation after shining in the Afghan Stars, a TOLO TV music contest show in 2009 (the Afghan version of American Idol). Although she couldn’t won the first place and landed on third, Elaha proved to be more successful in music career comparing to her male rivals in the show. She has been releasing hit singles in the past two years and her music videos are all over the Afghan TVs and Youtube.

She is more than a female singer, being educated in Iran, she is like a role model for post-taliban generation of Afghan girls. She is self-confident, outspoken, fashionable, beautiful and politically aware. Her song, Sangsar (“stoning”) about Afghan women is very provocative  and strong-worded which was admired by many in Afghanistan particularly the women activists.

She has been studying music and English for the past 9 months or so in Delhi, and at the same time working on her debut album. I’ve listened to a couple of tracks from her new album and I have to say they are great. There is a rock song called Divanagi (“madness’) that I liked the most. I believe Afghanistan is too small for her, she can better pursue her music career in the West and even try her luck in fashion industry as a model.

Anyway, I recommend her concert to anyone close to the venue in Denmark.


2 thoughts on “Elaha Sorur to rock Europe

  1. hi
    i wish her the best. she is the only afghan singer that appeared very well. i listened her song (sangsar) too.
    i think she may improve in west beater.
    wish her the best and i am waiting for your new song.
    i love you.

  2. I like her songs and simplicity a lot. She is a true singer who has talent, captivating voice, is very confident, kind and very down to earth and I think that is the sign of a true singer, I really admire her. I live in London but since I saw her in a singing competition I even planned that when I go to Kabul I will request her to sing for my brother’s wedding party or mine lol…. cos listening to male singer’s songs in all wedding parties is quite boring so having Elaha would be a big change and exciting !!! ….. I wish she can come to London and give her best concert and that would be an unforgettable memory. Best of luck Elaha Suror!

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