MPs: no guns inside the Parliament

On Friday May 20, when the Indian prime mister along with Hamid Karzai went to the Afghan parliament for delivering a speech; the MPs were really pissed off. Because that morning, according to a BBC Persian report, the Karzai bodyguards made all the MPs to receive a security pat-down before entering the room. It was embarrassing for them, but for some it was double embarrassing, since the bodyguards seized their handguns.

During the speech, the MPs were obviously irritated but kept shut up, the day after they spent hours denouncing the treatment they received from the government; however the talks led to one good conclusion: MPs shouldn’t bring guns inside the room. The hot-blooded as they are, it is very likely that in moments of verbal disputes one may pull the trigger and cause  a historic scene for school books. The PMs have several experiences of hitting each other with water bottles, very similar to pillow fights that the children play.

The parliament pays for one armed bodyguard for each MP, however the rich ones, have several bodyguards of their own, armored vehicles and still bring guns inside the building.

This lack of trust is evident in all levels both among the Foreigners-Afghans and Afghans-Afghans, and creates uncomfortably awkward situations. The American pilots killed by an Afghan colleague a couple of weeks ago, probebly makes Americans to search Afghan officials before the meetings. And that is too much for some, I remember in Ramadan of 2009, I was invited to US embassy for an Iftar party, outside the main gate we had to wait like 10 minutes until your name was called and you would be allowed to enter, register and then to be escorted to the place of gathering. Among the invitees was General Zahir Azimi the spokesman for Ministry of Defense, who was so uncomfortable for having to wait in line with  young idiots like me. After a few minutes, the general lost his nerves, he kicked his foot on the ground, said something in thick Herati accent, and stormed off toward Massoud Sq. to get on his chauffeured car back home. It was so sweat to watch that! but as doctors say, too much sweetness is not healthy, and I agree.


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