A new building in the presidential compound

The new Presidential Information and Coordination Center in the Arg, Kabul (Photo: dvidshub)

Bogdan Figiel, an American architect from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has designed a new building in the the Afghan presidential compound, known as the Arg (a Turkish word which means palace). The new building which is located right opposite to the Hamid Karzai’s office, will house the Presidential Information and Coordination Center, where the intelligence, press and PR affairs will be carried out.

This $ 7.3 million project is expected to be completed in 2013 and give a new look to Afghanistan’s most turbulent courtyard. Mr. Figiel who has been desinging office buildings in the US and militeray camps in Afghanistan, was commissioned to develop this project after winning a design competition among the architects in  the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Unlike other architects who presented more modern looking designs, Mr. Figiel’s work had strong classical features inspired by European classicism and also the surrounding buildings in the Arg which are neo-classical structures with some indigenous elements built in 1880s. President Karzai choose Mr. Figiel’s work over others – at least he has a taste in architecture!

Almost all the buildings built by Americans in Afghanistan in the past ten years (not before that) are remarkably low quality and ugly. Schools, bridges, office buildings, etc, all are built by tasteless Pakistan-educated Afghans who apparently have the wrong definition of beauty. The Americans did not even bother control and evaluate the projects properly, they just acted as dump bags of Dollar. ………. Hopefully, this new building in the Arg will be a pleasant work of art to look at and work in, … and in addition to other functions, teach some architectural lessons to those idiots in the palace.

Read other details about this new building in here.


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