Dubai-Kabul air traffic

There is a surprise in the number of international visitors to Kabul during the last year. According to a new study by MasterCard the outbound passengers from Dubai to Kabul rose from 80,396 in 2009 to 261,063 in 2010. Dubai is the principle gateway through which the visitors to and from Afghanistan connect to other destinations. This year Kabul is expected to attract 390,041 air passengers from Dubai, which makes it the UAE’s third ranking destination following Kuwait and Doha, and ahead of London.

I just can’t understand this, from one hand the security is getting worse in Afghanistan, people are loosing hope especially after the NATO solders have started to pack up, on the other hand there is a flight rush to Kabul. Even Turkish Airlines, which according to the “World Travel Awards is Europe’s Leading Airline Business Class”, has began flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Kabul three times a week.

This is probably part of the paradoxes of all post-war cities. I can see a thick air of hope and despair in the dusty sky of Kabul, with planes wandering around. I wish things go well for this city after all.


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