The tragedies of Karzai

In 1999 Taliban killed Hamid Karzai’s father and now his brother. This is too much for any person, especially for Pashtuns.

Like so many others, I also have a hard time figuring out who was really behind the yesterday assassination of Ahmad Wali Karzai, the powerful brother of president Hamid Karzai in Kandahar. The Taliban say they did it, but there are doubts about it. A number of international and national media imply that this incident has something to do with family issues within the Karzai clan.  ……the real story behind this murder may never be uncovered, as usual in Afghanistan.

I think the following quote from Khan Abdul Ghani Khan (better known as Ghani Khan) arguably the most important Pashtun poet in 20th century can help us understand the Pashtun sprite when it comes to power, murder and rivalry:

Every Pashtun imagines he is Alexander the Great and wants the world to admit it. The result is a constant struggle between cousin and cousin, brother and brother and quite often between father and son. This has proved his sole undoing through the ages. They have not succeeded in being a great nation because . . . [he] would rather burn his own house than see his brother rule it. 

(quoted in Misdaq 2006, p. 52)


Misdaq, N. (2006). Afghanistan: Political Frailty and External Interference. London: Routledge


One thought on “The tragedies of Karzai

  1. Hello,

    I have little knowledge about the politics and social sttructure of Afghanistan as I originally come from Hong Kong. However, the translation in your posting is very interesting. The same is true across the rest of the world. Only difference is some hide it, while orthers don’t. Thank you.


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