Two books same cover

A memoir published in 2006.

A novel published in 2009.














Is there a scarcity of photos about Afghanistan that two popular books have choosen the same photograph for their covers?

I have read the novel Born Under a Million Shadows (Doubleday, 2009) by Andrea Busfield a British journalist, which was irritatingly lame.  Then I came across Come Back to Afghanistan: My Journey from California to Kabul (Bloomsbury, 2006) by Said Hyder Akbar and Susan Burton. I have not (and will not ) read the latter, but it seems like so many other memoirs written by Afghan diaspora in recent years which promote similar unfounded clichés about how glorious Afghanistan was before the Soviet invasion and so on.

Anyways, I am talking about the covers, that British novel is published after the Come Back to Afghanistan… memoir, so that is the one with a stolen cover image. However I can forgive the cover but its story is unforgivably horrible, it doesn’t worth your money folks, don’t buy it.


2 thoughts on “Two books same cover

  1. تشکر لالای گل من ازین نوشته های تازه و خبرهای تازه تر
    من حتی اگر خدای نخواسته به این توصیه ات عمل نکنم هم امکان این را ندارم که آنرا بخرم
    جور باشی
    همیشه این جا می آیم
    دیر نبودی

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