Competition: designing logo for Afghanistan National Museum

The current Kabul museum sign on its facade. (Photo: ACH)

The Afghan National Museum has invited all designers to submit their ideas for a new logo for the museum. I think the officials are serious in building a new museum and they have started from a good point.

The proposed logos, according to the announcement, should represent the Afghanistan’s “rich cultural and artistic wealth from various historical periods”. At least two colors should be used in the design and the deadline for submission is September 30, 2011.

If interested, you can read more details in Afghanistan Cultural House  website (Persian).

Usually the Afghan business owners and government officials have a very childish, primitive and bad taste, when it comes to aesthetics issue such as architecture, interior/exterior design, sign and logo design and so on. In Kabul city, very few buildings and signs can catch your eyes, the rest as the graphic designers say, are just “Pakistani-style over-colored garbage”.

Those very few designers in Kabul who have some talent and education in the field, are mostly returnees from Iran; but they are very small in number and remain almost invisible comparing to the large number of returnees from Pakistan who can speak English and have better connections – but lack anything else.

I am not sure the committee who will finally choose the Kabul Museum logo, are real artists/art lovers, or the same ministry dinosaurs who doesn’t give a fuck to anything but money. However the very idea of announcing a public competition for the logo means they are aesthetically sensitive, and do pay attention to things other than money. As ACH is handling this, I assume the committee is consisted of some young people from Kabul’s bohemian community in West Kabul who are mostly seen in ACH’s café shop.

Anyways, this morning when I read the announcement I was so excited, it gave me hope that there are still people in Kabul who appreciate beauties and nuances in a building.


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