The different roles a high rise can play in Kabul

The building where fight is going on, front side. Photo: CNN

The building where fight is going on. Photo: TOLO

The building where the insurgents are positioned, front side. September 2010

The building where insurgents are positioned. September 2010

Today Tuesday at 1:30 PM local time, Kabul was under attack in several spots in east and west sides of the city. The main site of battle was Abdul-haq roundabout, where four insurgents positioned themselves in an unfinished high rise building overlooking the diplomatic zone in Wazir Akbar Khan area.

When I was watching the news online on Tolo TV and CNN websites, I suddenly recognized that unfinished high rise from my last year visit to Kabul. Last year the same month, when I was in Kabul, I took street photos documenting the campaign culture during the elections. One building under construction in east Kabul took my attention, it was a tall high rise wrapped in a green curtain while  large banners of candidates were hanging from all sides of it. The building very much looked like a confused  Afghan man in a green Patu, or a sad Afghan woman under a green Burqa. A symbolically ridiculous showcase of the shaky Afghan democracy.

Today that building which served as a stage for democratic practices a year earlier, has turned into a scene of absurd violence, terror and destruction, or in better words, the Afghan realpolitik.

How soon things can change in my dear Kabul!


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