Rabbani joined the long list of murdered leaders

One day before his death, Rabbani met Khamenei the Iranian leader in Tehran / Photo: khamenei.ir

Today Burhanuddin Rabbani the ex-president of Afghanistan (1992-1995) joined the long list of Afghan kings and presidents who were brutally murdered. There are only a few of them who were lucky enough to die naturally on bed. Rabbani was the chairman of a commission in charge of negotiating with the Taliban.

He was killed in the living room of his house, a fortified compound attached to the US embassy in Wazir Akbar Khan area. The suicide attacker who had a bomb in his turban (the new trend in Taliban attacks, probably inspired by this cartoon which I can’t put it on this blog for obvious reasons!), hugged Rabbani while greeting him and detonated the bomb. This walking turban bomb was the last thing Rabbani hugged. His brutal death simply means that nowhere is secure and no one is safe in Afghanistan. The Taliban group doesn’t believe in peace and doesn’t want to participate in an inclusive government where women and minority rights are respected, they are shouting this very loud; but it’s the Karzai administration and its western supporters who are not listening.

It’s about three years now that Karzai is surrounded by former members of Hizb-e Islami in the palace who are clearly Taliban sympathizers and anti-west. Recently Wahid Omar, the president’s spokesman had to resign because of the conflicts erupted between him and the new chief of staff Karim Khurram who is famous for being against the free media and in favor of Talibani ideas.

The naive Karzai has this illusion of cutting a peace deal with the Taliban and bringing them into his government, but he definitely doesn’t get it that Taliban are not fighting for peace, they fight for victory. Karzai should stop listening to his sick and misleading circle, instead, he should listen to the sound of explosions that killed his father, his brother, his allies Juma-Khan and president Rabbani.

Rabbani was not a person to be missed that much, he was the starter of the 1992-1995 ethnic wars on which the current corrupt Afghan political structure was formed. However, his death today in this political atmosphere is a blow to the government front and will definitely have a terrifying affect on the public.  I am not happy for his death.


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