Kabul Rock Festival

Some of the audience at Kabul rock festival - Babur Garden, Oct. 1, 2011. Photo: Reuters

A rock festival, funded by the US State Department has been going on in Kabul since September 15. I first thought it’s probably another entertainment event for the foreigners in the city but they manged, to my surprise, to hold a gathering in Babur Garden, where about a hundred people (most of them those who were already in the garden lying under the trees), watched the music show.  The expression on the faces of the gentlemen above is probably the reaction they got from the public. An Australian man called Travis Beard is behind the idea of the festival, he was also one of the persons who introduced skate-boarding  and graffiti art in Kabul (the city of bumpy roads, and ruined mud walls). Mr. beard has good intentions tho, he wants to “civilize” the Afghans with introducing them to western urban culture.  We should be thankful to him for his sexy ideas.

These days there are two other festivals happening in Kabul: the Afghan theater festival where theater groups  from all over Afghanistan are invited to Kabul for a week of performances an an award show at the end. This year is, I think, the 6th edition of the festival which is organised by Kabul University’s theater department.

Also a human rights film festival is happening right now in the town, which I don’t know a lot about it yet. There are maybe some Afghan short and doc films from the past years, that like most of Afghan films, have a story about human rights issues (otherwise they can’t get funding).

These past two, three weeks have been very dramatic for Kabul and its residents. I hope the Kabulis find these artistic shows as interesting to watch as the Taliban’s spectacular shows in recent weeks.


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