Hamid and Mahmoud

Karzai and Ahmadinejad in Tehran 2009. Photo: doorbin.net / Hussein Golia

This photo taken by Hussein Golia was selected as Iran’s second picture of the year in 2009 in the category of news photos. The picture taken in Tehran shows an intimate moment between Hamid Karzai and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Afghanistan’s and Iran’s unpopular presidents.

Both leaders met after winning two controversial presidential elections in 2009 in their respective countries. Karzai was the first world leader to congratulate Ahmadinejad after the Iranian elections, so was Ahmadinejad in congratulating him for winning the Afghan elections. These two men have many things in common, the most important one, however, is their lack of public support at home and their notoriously bad names abroad.

Looking at this picture, one wonders what on earth these two might have been whispering about? This picture was selected as the second best news photo of the year, but I can’t see any news in this photo, it should have been selected as the gayist photo of the year. The picture seems to be taken in some gay parades, not a presidential state visit!

Once Ahmadinejad announced that: “we don’t have homosexuals in our country”. Someone should show this picture to him. (Karzai doesn’t need to see this photo, he is from Kandahar!)


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