The first Afghan rock song

Although Ahmad Zahir can be considered as the first ever Afghan rocker who introduced bass and guitar into the traditional Afghan music in the 70s and 80s, I believe he is more  a pop singer with his romantic melodies, love songs and classical poetry than a rocker. He has only a very few songs about real life. The only rock thing about him was his hair style, his fashion, and of course his legendary sex life!

I believe the first true rock song in Afghan music is Salam Alik (“hello”) a song by Farhhad Darya the popular pop singer who made this song as part of “Encounters” an album by different international singers which was produced and distributed by Sony BMG in 2006. This song which has lyrics both in English and Persian is a beautiful combination of rock and sufi music, a song in the tradition of political, protesting and peaces-seeking rockers who are harder to find in the mainstream music these days. In 2007 I reviewed this song for Honarmand, a film magazine I used to edit; the online version of the article is on Asamai website.

After Salam Alik, Farhad Darya made only one other rock song  called Nazdik Shodan.


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