These two bastards: Barack Obama and Steve Jobs

The homepage of Apple website remembering the former CEO. Photo:

Barack Obama is a bastard, so was Steve Jobs – both extraordinarily charismatic leaders in politics and business share a similar personal history.

Obama’s father was a Muslim student from Kenya whose white girlfriend gave birth to Obama as a result of unwanted pregnancy. The man left the girl and the baby, and she raised her son alone.

Steve’s father was a Muslim student from Syria named Abdulfattah John Jandali who made his white girlfriend pregnant and then runaway.  A white couple from California adopted the boy and named him Steve Jobs. Later his biological parents got married, but they never saw thier son again. Mr. Jandali, 80, is still alive and works in a casino in the US.

Why are all the bastards so cool, especially the ones who have a runaway Muslim father?


6 thoughts on “These two bastards: Barack Obama and Steve Jobs

  1. Married when he was born. That means people might consider him a baster for his political views, but he’s not a bastard in the sense of being born outside of marriage.

  2. Steve Jobs was a FUCKING SLAVE DRIVER!!! Yes the factory that made IPads was employing child labour, and the one that made IPhone 4s, workers ( both adults and children )on average worked 12 hour shifts everyday, and only one day off in a month, in which to visit their families. They were exploited to their bare bones, and made to work on the lowest pay. The factory that made IPhone 4s potentially had the highest suicide rate amongst it workers, being driven of their nuts, working under temendously high levels of pressure as demands for Apple Products grew more and more from the Westerners. It is believed that the Chinese worker who had made the IPhone 4S owned by Obama, is also known to have commited suicide. Steve Jobs may have been a genius, but he has made billions and billions for himself in profit, marketing his products at the blood and sweat of chinese children, robbing them of their childhood. Why not the Bastard create jobs for his own American people??? or were they too expensive to hire? demanding better terms and conditions as far as pay and work conditions are concerned? O, he had to find a cheaper alternative to make billions in profit, like any Greedy, Pro Right Wing, Capitalist!

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