The 7th of October

CNN broadcasting live a historical moment. Photo: AFP

Today is the 7th of October. Ten years ago this day in 2001, the US forces attacked the Taliban bases in Afghanistan. That day will remain as one of the most important moments in our history. Not only it changed the historical course of our country, but our lives as well.

Yesterday the 6th of October I defended my MA thesis at uOttawa and officially graduated. On the 6th of October 2001, I could have never imagined to be doing what I was doing yesterday. It all became possible for the events of the next day.

The Afghans should be grateful to America for removing the Taliban from Afghanistan. If G. Bush ever did one right thing in his presidency, it was the attack on Taliban. I think we owe him a thank you note.


One thought on “The 7th of October

  1. He attacked the wrong country. Afghanistan is nothing, just a headfake.
    The heart of evil is in Pakistan…It is a racist regime(Paki mean Aryan Nation, just like Iran)who was set in exterminating their black co-religionaries of East Pakistan. The Pakis are the essential muslims, worshipers of a black stone and money…their paradise consist in raping children while getting drunk, it is not a religion but a perversion…

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