Ayatollah Mohseni dead, serious rumors from Kabul

A cartoon of Mohseni by Bashir Bakhtiari.

Some rumors, or khabar-haye sar chawk, from Kabul say that Ayatollah Asif Mohseni has died in a hospital in Iran. It’s not officially confirmed yet, but I have heard the news from credible sources.

Mr. Mohseni was a very notorious Shia mulla from Kandahar who gained international attention with the 2009 Shia Family Law controversy. He and his circle in Khatam al-Nabiyeen Seminary drafted the bill which, among other things, proposed the legalization of domestic sexual violence against women. It was no surprise for those who knew him, as he himself married his second wife, a young Hazara girl of 18, by force while he was about 70 years old. He ordered the murder of her brother to prevent any revenge.

Mohseni’s status as a clergyman gave him some influence over the Shia communities in Afghanistan. Because of his close ties with Iran, the Sayed Shia community in particular followed his religious and political agenda. Contrary to what is believed, he was not a Hazara, but a very vocal anti-Hazara person. He was Baloch by ethnicity.

He also led a party during the jihad and civil war years called Harakt Islami. His party was in great rivalry with Abdul-Ali Mazari’s Wahdat party which is the largest Hazara political organization in Afghanistan. These two parties fought against each other to the extents where Mr. Mohseni issued a fitwa for killing of Mazarai. His anti-Hazara activities during the war and after that made him a treacherous figure among the Hazara people. There are evidences that he even cooperated with Sayyaf and Ahmad Shah Massoud in the Afshar massacre in 1993.

The Hazara intellectuals call him Shaikh-e shatan (“the devil mulla”). Not only in his political and military activities he deceived and cheated on Hazaras, but also after 2001, when he said he wanted to concentrate on his religious studies. He built a huge Madrasa in West Kabul on 17 jiribs of land grabbed during the jihad years from the properties of the ministry of interior. The Madrasa’s architecture, as well as its builders and the fund came from Iran. He then established a TV called Tamadon. The TV’s top officials, according to my former classmates who work there, are all Iranians.  Tamadon is a sister TV of Al-munar (in Lebanon) and Al-furat (in Iraq) both funded by Iran. Aytollah Mohseni appeared regularly on his TV for denouncing the “absurd” western civilization and promoting the Iranian agenda.  He was a very clever populist who knew how to talk to and cheat on the religious masses. He was a walking bag of lie, deception, treachery and hypocrisy.

Even after his death, he keeps deceiving the people. According to my sources, he has died two days ago but his family (and Iranians) wants to break the news a week later on 10th of Muharram on the sacred day of Ashura. So they could make great TV programs about how good this man was who died on the same day that the prophet’s grandchild was murdered in Karbala. This news would definitely make the Satan look like a saint.

If the news of his death turned out to be true, have no doubt that world will be a better place without him.

He is ALIVE!


8 thoughts on “Ayatollah Mohseni dead, serious rumors from Kabul

  1. Just cant agree more with the article in this piece in particular: “If the news of his death turned out to be true, have no doubt that world will be a better place without him.”

  2. مشکل اصلی مرگ محسنی نیست که ما را خوشحال کند مشکل شما هستین که امریکا و ایران و پاکستان تو کونتان کرده هنوز هم فکر می کنین که محسنی کرده . کسکشها برین رهبران اونها را هم مسخره کنن بعد به ترتیب بیاین از افغانستان را مسخره کنن . در لیست افغانستان محسنی در اخر است چون مثال اون کسکشهایی که این سایت و وبلاگ را راه اندازی کرده به افغانستان خیانت نکرده. واقعا حیف عمری که خدا به شما نجسها داده . خدا خودش شما را عاقبت بدهد ان شاءالله

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