Hazara students receive highest scores in national exam

The Ministry of Higher Education finally released the result of the university entrance exam, better known as Konkor, last week. For this year 160,000 high school graduates from all over Afghanistan took the exam, of which 35,000 got admissions at universities in Kabul and provinces.

However what grabbed my attention the most was the list of the top 10 students who got the highest scores: all of them are Hazaras, except for the 6th and the 10th who belong to other ethnic groups.

You can see the Konkor result on MoHE’s website here.

Although Hazaras are only about %20 of the population, they are the leading ethnic group in education, sports, arts and other creative fields. For the centuries-long discrimination against them, Hazaras are still in trouble when applying for a job or running for political positions.

Did I mention that this years’s Afghan Star (equivalent of American Idol) is a Hazara as well?


5 thoughts on “Hazara students receive highest scores in national exam

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