No Afghans allowed in Iranian park

The Municipality of Isfahan in Iran has announced that Afghan residents of the city are not allowed to enter Suffa, a famous public park on the day of “13 Badar”, or the 13th day of spring when everybody in Iran gets out of their homes for camping and picnicking in green areas like parks and mountain sides. Yesterday was 13 Badar, but the Afghan community in Isfahan was not able to celebrate this ancient holiday which is popular among Iranian and Turkic peoples of the region. The municipality cited “the security of families” for imposing the ban.

The news which was released on the municipality’s website caused widespread anger in social media both among Afghans and some Iranians. You can see BBC Persian’s report about this issue here.

This unbelievably racist move, reminded me of Hong Kong during the British colonial rule where there was a sign in the city’s parks saying: “No Dogs and Chinese Allowed”.

Many forms of racist segregations are practiced in Iran. The Iranian systematic racist discrimination against the Afghan residents has a shameful and disgusting history. Even there is a law that says no organ transplant is allowed from an Iranian body to an Afghan body.

There are about three million Afghans living in Iran, the majority as undocumented people who are deprived of basic human rights, like access to education, healthcare, or labor rights.

The sign in the picture above reads: “Afghans Not Allowed Entering this Swimming Pool”.