I wish there was a hell

I don’t know what to say.  In this past week, the Taliban has beheaded 27 people in Afghanistan: 17 people for attending “a mixed-gender party in the southern Helmand province“, another 8 people in Ghor and Wardak provinces and most disgusting ones, a 7 year old girl in Kapisa and a 12 year old boy in Kandahar. The last victim was beheaded because his brother was serving in the police. I can’t even imagine what the families of these victims are going through.

More dreading is the silence of the people in Afghanistan. No one is protesting, the government is not even releasing an statement condemning the actions. All the Karzai circle is doing is trying to justify these brutalities and blaming it on “foreign terrorists” in order to win the support of  the international community for bringing the Taliban into power. Taliban, however, is keep saying that there is no foreign terrorists, these are all their own accomplishments.

I’m sad and hopeless. It’s one of those times that I wish the hell and heaven story was true, especially the hell one … but sadly it’s not.


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