Juma Khan Landani (“the Londoner”)


Juma Khan Landani (“the Londoner”) reading an ad in Bamiyan bazaar. Photo: Zafar Bamiyani

Juma Khan “Landani”  has been announcing government decrees, lost and found notices and other advertisements in the bazaar of Bamiyan for the last 30 years. Because of his job as a source of local news, the people call him Landani which means “the Londoner”, referring, probably,  to his rivalry with the BBC radio.

In Kabul  and other cities, too, we had the same people  until  the 20s and the 30s who were usually called Jaar-chi, which is equivalent to “town criers” of medieval European cities.

Now, there is one or two FM radios in the town, but I believe the Bamiyani people  should continue supporting the Londoner, because he is more trustable and more important to the street life of the bazaar.

I have always loved this fun part of Bamiyan, wonderful people, wonderful place.


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