“Line Man in Texas”

After many first that and first this in Afghanistan in the past couple of years (which is becoming annoying), here is the first video game produced in Kabul, now available to use in Apple products.  It’s strangely called “Line Man in Texas” and the story is set in a typical American south landscape but at the beginning of the game on the title scene, there is an Afghan flag in the background.

The producers of the game, a group of young Afghan computer programers returned from Iran, have told the BBC Persian that for better competition with other mobile games,  instead of an Afghan landscape they choose to set the story in a familiar American setting.

But to be honest, if they had replaced the cowboy in Texas on a horse, with a Talib in Kandahar on a motor bike,  there was a great chance that the game would go viral.

But these returnees from Iran are too Americanized to understand that.


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