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For those of you who can read German, I’m sharing the links to the three articles I have written for Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB). They were in Persian and then translated into German and published in BPB’s especial dossier on Afghanistan.

1. Zeitgenössische afghanische Kunst [Contemporary Art in Afghanistan]

2. Die Stimme vom Hindukusch: Die traditionelle Musik Afghanistans [The voice of Hindukush: Traditional Music in Afghanistan]

3. Das traditionelle Handwerk Afghanistans [Traditional Craftsmanship in Afghanistan]

I am hoping to expand the one on Afghan contemporary art into an English academic article. But that would require further investigations on Afghan art history since 20th century, on which, the sources are extremely scarce and scattered. In particular, the artists who were/are involved in shaping what we call “Afghan contemporary art”, are not very enthusiastic in sharing information… which is not surprising.

Anyways, I’m off to my #RealWorld problems, enjoy reading German!