Women on Streets of Kabul

In a very shocking experiment, a female reporter of 1TV, goes undercover to reveal what “a typical day in life of a woman in Kabul” looks like. All she does is appearing on streets and waiting for a taxi. It was apparently enough for a non-stop caravan of cars pulling over to “pick her up:” they offer her money, they brag about working for high level officials, they use whatever trick in the book to talk the lady into their vehicles. A hidden camera recorded the experiment only  for 27 minutes, during which, more than 80 cars stopped by to talk to Arezo Nawbahar, the reporter, as if she was a prostitute waiting for her next client.

She doesn’t dress very provocatively, to blame it on her appearance. Even women under burqa, the video shows, are regular targets of harassment  by men who consider any woman on street as a potential sex worker. (This video also shows how prostitution works in the city.)

This is just catastrophic, even the thought of being a woman in that city makes me sick. What a total collapse of morality. Shame.


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