A cinema article in Spanish


In 2008, I worked for a group of three German filmmakers/women rights activists in Kabul to organise the Second Take, a film festival in Kabul with the central theme of gender and society. There were films by and about women from different countries. In addition to helping the organising team, I was also asked, at the end, to write a review of the festival and the films.

In absence of clear instructions from my good friend Sandra, the editor, I wrote a rather long article reviewing every single film in the festival,dedicating one or two paragraphs to each. Not what I would liked, but this was the structure Sandra wanted.

Anyway, that article got translated into Spanish and was published in Spliced histories: 64 años de cine afgano (2010), a book on Afghan cinema edited by Sandra and published by Asociación de amigos del cine experimental de Madrid. Today, by accident, I came across an electronic copy of the book.I would like to thank Sandra, after almost four years, for the efforts she put in helping me write that article. The entire book is available in PDF here.


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