Christians of Kabul (new article in Persian)

Afghanistan’s new first lady, Rula Ghani, is a Christian woman from Lebanon. Contrary to the popular belief, she is not the first Christian first lady of Afghanistan. In a new piece for Hasht-e Subh daily in Kabul, I’ve written bout the Christian wife of Amir Mohammad Azam Khan, an Afghan king in the mid-19th century and the small group of Armenian Christians in Kabul who lived there mostly as wine makers. In addition, I have discussed the long tradition of religious tolerance in Afghanistan arguing that the followers of Abrahamic religions have always been living peacefully together in the region and the hateful rhetoric promoted by extremist groups these days is a new phenomenon—at least in South Asia.

The full text is available on Hasht-e Subh’s website and also on the Republic of Silence [both in Persian.]


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