Popular Essays

The following is a selected number of pieces I’ve written for online and print media. Click on publication titles to access the full texts.

“Can Cities Save Afghanistan?.” Foreign Policy.
(Reprinted in, The Kabul Times.
Translated into Persian, Etilaat Roz Daily.)

“Afghanistan’s Demographic Drought.” Foreign Policy.
(Translated into Persian, Etilaat Roz Daily.)

“The Christians in Kabul.” [Persian] Hasht-e Subh Daily.
(Republished in, The Republic of Silence.)

“The Poster Boys of Kabul.” openDemocracy.

“Die Stimme vom Hindukusch: Die traditionelle Musik Afghanistans.” [The Voice of Hindukush: Traditional Music in Afghanistan] Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB).

“Zeitgenössische afghanische Kunst.” [Contemporary Art in Afghanistan] Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB).

“Das traditionelle Handwerk Afghanistans.” [Traditional Craftsmanship in Afghanistan] Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB).

“A History of Photography in Afghanistan.” [Persian] BBC Persian.

“The Politics of Book Publishing in Afghanistan: a Historical Glance.”[Persian] Deutsche Welle Dari.

“The Image of Kabul: Politics and Architecture in Post-Taliban Kabul.”[Persian] Deutsche Welle Dari.

“Chahar Suq Square: The Heart of Herat City.”[Persian] Deutsche Welle Dari.

“Documenting Kabul City: on Atelier Varan’s Documentaries.”[Persian] Deutsche Welle Dari.

“Cinema in the City of Poets: on Herat Cinema.”[Persian] Deutsche Welle Dari.

“The Stories We Couldn’t Tell: Ten Years of Afghan Cinema, 2001-2011.”[Persian] Deutsche Welle Dari.