The taste of Kabul air

Darul-aman Road, Kabul / Sep. 2010

The polluted air is probably the most distinct urban characteristic of Kabul city. This air claims 3000 lives each year, which is higher than the number of civilians killed by NATO forces and Taliban combined.

This beautifully shot report by Karishma Vyas gives some good insights into the problem:

One issue which was not noted in the report is Kabul’s lack of any mechanism or infrastructure for human waste management. Kabul doesn’t have a sewage system, this makes you wonder where all the the human waste in this over-populated city of 5 millions go? According to Prince Mustafa Zahir, the director of Afghanistan Environment Protection Agency, a considerable part of it goes into air. “According to our lab tests”, he told a reporter in December last year, “the Kabul’s polluted  air contains 32 percent human waste, in the form of powder”!  Well, in other words, those who live in Kabul city, literally eat $hit on a daily basis without knowing it, (no offence)!

This is a major health and social problem in Kabul, which is getting worse every day. The Kabul municipality has proposed a plan for construction of Kabul sewage system which will cost $850 millions. This is a lot of money that no one will pay, I am sure.  The corrupt officials in the government, would rather eat shit than investing money in infrastructure.