Afghanistan’s first cross-dressing politician!

Bibi Hakmeena, is a 42 year old female member of provincial council in Khost province. She always appears in public in a Pashtun-style turban and salwar kameez  which makes her possibly the first cross-dressing politician in Afghanistan. …No joking,  read the full hilarious story here. … in Khost, for goat’s sake!

A couple of years ago there was a Belgian documentary I saw in French Cultural Center in Kabul called “Afghanistan, le choix des femmes“, which was about the first Afghan female governor Habiba Sarabi and probably one of the strongest female warlords, Commander Kaftar, both Hazara women.  I was especially impressed by Kaftar whose behavior was so like other warlords. Although not a cross-dresser, Kaftar looked way more manly than Hamid Karzai, whose balls are internationally under question in recent years.